A Girl's Guide by Rhonda G. Mincey

Used as the foundation of the GREAT Girls Club in school districts for years, “A Girl’s Guide to Being Great”  puts the power of a positive, promising, and productive life in the hands of a girl (ages 11 and up). It uses real-life scenarios and thought-provoking quotes and poems to help girls develop “a new mindset for life.” It’s about realizing your value as a young lady, reaching your potential as a woman, and maximizing your opportunities for a successful life. Its eight chapters cover: Potential, Pressures, Self-Esteem, Goal-Setting, Values, Leadership, Decision Making, and Media Awareness.  The “Reflect and Write” sections encourage readers to write down their thoughts.  Part of the GREAT Toolkit. Great for schools and community organizations.


“Thank you, Ms. Mincey for writing this book for girls. It helped me so much when I was in middle school and now I am an junior in high school. I’ve past the book down to my younger sister.” ~L. Robinson

“I wish I had this book when I was a girl.” ~C. Higgins, Elementary School Counselor

A Girl's Guide by Rhonda G. Mincey


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