GREAT Success Books is a division of GREAT Success, LLC (formerly the RG Mincey Group, LLC). It was formed as the need for us to write more educational and inspirational books became more apparent and serves as your one place to get the Guide to Being Great™ series, as well as other motivational books written by Douglas and Rhonda  G. Mincey.

Meet the Authors

Rhonda G. Mincey

Rhonda is the founder of GREAT Success LLC, and Great Youth, Inc., a nonprofit organization. She has developed programs that have challenged the thinking and changed the behavior of thousands of girls. She also serves as a mentor to girls as well as consults with businesses on developing educational programs.

Growing up in a single-parent household, Rhonda recognized early the importance of sacrifice and hard work. Not being a popular girl in high school nor being voted “Most Likely to Succeed” did not deter Rhonda from eventually becoming successful in her own rights and by her own standards. Nearly three decades after graduating from high school, she enrolled in college and five years later she received her Master’s degree in Education. One year after that, she received her postgraduate certificate in Cybercrime. During her years in college, Rhonda earned all A’s, with the exception of one B. Her work with young people earned Rhonda numerous awards, including the prestigious TBS Pathfinders Award and her books and programs have been featured in several newspapers.

Rhonda is an Adjunct Instructor for several local colleges. A natural educator and motivator, she constantly reminds students that "it is never too late to be great." For keeping a positive attitude and making the necessary commitments and sacrifices are keys to success. Rhonda also speaks to various youth and women's groups on a variety of topics. To book Rhonda, contact us.

Douglas Mincey

Douglas Mincey is married and has three adult children. He is a retired engineer from Lucent Technologies. He graduated from Savannah State University (SSU) with a major in Electrical Engineering Technology. Douglas was   commissioned as a Second Lieutenant through the SSU Army ROTC program and proudly served three years on Active Duty in the United States Army and eight years in the Army Reserves before medically retiring as a Major. He is a proud to be an Ambassador for the Lord. Douglas strives to inspire and motivate youths to achieve greatness.

“Life-transforming ideas have always come to me through books.” 

- Bell Hooks

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